You Can Lead a Child to Milk…

February 26, 2009

Debbie writes:

I saw your Sleazy Lunches post and that reminded me of our school. I homeschool my children but the homestudy program in on the campus of [our local elementary] school. The homestudy program has enrichment classes and one time we decided to try the school lunch. I went with them to get it and we all got in line. We pushed the trays down the bars and selected various items. Now… long story, but this is the good part…

The lunch lady MADE all three of us take a milk. She said that according to some laws they have we have to take a milk and have no choice about it. Puzzled, we did and walked outside.

There was a cart by all the tables with condiments on it and I saw kid after kid sneak up to the table in a crouched run, put their milk carton on the table and run away.

I guess they make the kids take a milk but can’t make them drink it.

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