Dan Murphy, Abolitionist

May 23, 2011

Always worth reading what someone from the beef sector has to say about part-time vegetarianism. Beef industry journalist Dan Murphy hates it, and writes:

But there’s a reason why the pro-veggie groups are pushing this veggie for a day concept. It’s because getting people to go vegetarian the way the born-again believers proclaim you must—no meat, no dairy, no seafood or eggs—is about as popular as getting young people to embrace that other “v-word:” virginity.

Murphy rightly recognizes that when diet is presented as an all-or-nothing thing, most people will choose nothing. And that’s exactly what he wants. He continues:

For me, however, I draw the line: either you’re an enlightened veggie who’s saving the planet, ending animal abuse and adding decades to his or her life, or—as they say in England—you’re a poser.

Seems that the organizations most involved in pushing vegetarianism are willing to bend the rules like a TVP-based link sausage.

Not me. Either you’re a real veggie or not.

And I know which side I’m on.

Funny how this puts Murphy in the same camp as abolitionists and the vegan police. The difference, of course, is that while abolitionists want a vegan world tomorrow, Murphy understands that this will never happen.

Murphy realizes that giving omnivores only one choice—total veganism—may be the most effective way to ensure that people make no changes whatsoever. So he uses precisely the same rhetoric as abolitionists, knowing that it’s exactly how you maintain the status quo. Link.

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