Here’s how to get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m overwhelmed by emails.

Please do not send emails about partnerships, advertisement purchases, domain names, paid links, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, guest blogging, press releases, or—once again—partnerships of any kind. And no, I will not promote your Kickstarter either.

Above all do not add me to any lists. I also do not have time to answer questions regarding school assignments—for that kind of thing I’d recommend posting to a vegan Internet forum like this one. I hit the spam button for any emails that don’t respect my above requests, especially for “follow-ups” when I don’t respond.

Now, with all that said, here’s how you can contact me through this site:

E-mail:  contact (at) vegan (dot) com

Please know that I (eventually) read all emails, but due to the despair-inducing volume of people ignoring every single one of the above requests I can only rarely write back.

-Erik Marcus

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