Best Vegan Cookbooks for Every Cuisine & Interest

Choosing the right vegan cookbook can add so much to your life. But finding the right one can seem overwhelming, since there are hundreds of vegan cookbooks in print. Here are the very best recently-published titles. Every cookbook listed here is 100 percent vegan.

Our Top 5 Must-Have Vegan Cookbooks

If you’re looking to build your vegan cookbook library, here are five ideal first choices.

New Bestsellers (all books from 2021 & 2020)

The best new cookbook titles on the market.

Easy Everyday Cookbooks

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a cookbook with fancy recipes as your first vegan cookbook. You want to start with an assortment of easy recipes you can prepare in minutes. Here are some perfect choices:

Reference Cookbooks

The recipes here tend to be more upscale and time consuming; they’ll provide you with a diversity of options ideal for guests and special occasions.

Cuisines from Around the World

A great many vegan cookbooks specialize in the world’s most beloved cuisines. Some top picks:

Health & Weight Loss Cookbooks

You can cut calories without compromising taste. Let these cookbooks show you how:

Baking & Dessert Cookbooks

Vegans absolutely, positively don’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to enjoying sensational desserts.

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