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Vegan Foundation: the Best Cruelty-Free Brands

If you’re seeking a top quality vegan foundation product for your makeup kit, you’ll find everything you need right here. A number of top cosmetics companies like Purito and e.l.f. offer vegan foundations formulated without animal testing or ingredients. We’ve got links to the specific products in the next section.

Believe it or not, cosmetics industry giant Covergirl makes a foundation, and it even says right on the tube that it’s vegan and was formulated without animal testing. And it’s cheap, too!

Foundation is perfect for hiding blemishes and for evening out your skin. You can buy it in any number of skin tones. Some foundations incorporate sunscreen, and we have a separate section below listing these products.

You may want to consider purchasing a variety of foundation called “BB Cream” or “CC Cream”, which stands for “blemish balm” or “color correcting”. These products are more versatile than regular foundations. They’re a 3-in-1 product that serves as a foundation, a primer for blush (enabling better adherence), and a moisturizer. They may not only save you money, they can also reduce the amount of time you spend putting on your make-up.

Vegan Foundations

Cream Foundations

Cream Foundations with Sunscreen

Powder Foundations

Please see our vegan makeup guide for the best cruelty-free products in every category.

For further reading: please see our vegan beauty guide and our animal ingredients list.

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