"Wet n wild" vegan eye shadow.

Vegan Eye Shadow: Best Cruelty-Free Brands

Eye shadow belongs right up there with lipstick as an essential part of your vegan makeup kit. And just like any other popular sort of makeup, you’ll find plenty of cruelty-free brands.

The best and cheapest way to buy eye shadow is to think in terms of selecting a few different palettes to suit a variety of purposes. Maybe your day-to-day look involves warm dark browns, while for parties you want a sparkly primary color to offset your eyes. You’ll find no shortage of vegan eye shadows that will give you the look you’re seeking for any occasion. And luckily, several vegan brands are affordable enough that you can spring for an extra palette as an impulse purchase.

Most vegan eye shadow brands are prominently labeled as such. Luckily, the coloring pigments tend to be vegan. You can cut your shopping time to a minimum by simply choosing any of the products in the following section.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Eye Shadows

Whether you’re seeking warm and natural colors, sparkling tones, or ultra-pigmented rainbow hues, you’ll find plenty of wonderful vegan products from the links below.


Very few eye shadow sets come with brushes, since they’re expensive to make and can last for years. So don’t forget to buy a set of brushes to go with your new eye shadow. Years ago, makeup brushes were invariably made from animal hair, but now you can buy a wide assortment of vegan brushes that use synthetic bristles. To find them, just visit our makeup brush page.

Please see our vegan makeup guide for the best cruelty-free products in every category.

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