Vegan Mascara: Leading Cruelty-Free Brands

You’ll have no trouble finding cruelty-free vegan mascara. A number of companies that churn out quality mascara formulated with neither animal testing nor animal products.

Your best bet may be from the world-famous CoverGirl brand. All of their mascaras selling under the “Clean Volume” branding check both the vegan and cruelty-free boxes. What’s more, they’re very reasonably priced.

When it comes to performance, you won’t notice any difference between vegan mascara and your previous favorite brand. These cruelty-free products make no compromises when it comes to lengthening and thickening eyelashes.

Vegan Mascara Brands

You can shop our vegan mascara list with confidence. Sometimes Amazon omits mention the vegan status of their products. In these cases we went to the manufacturer’s website to verify each product’s vegan status.

For further reading: please see our vegan beauty guide and our animal ingredients list.

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