Vegan Cuisine Guide: Plant-Based Foods Worldwide

If you want to explore vegan cooking, hopping from one cuisine to the next is a great strategy. You will thereby discover countless delicious vegan meals relying on all manner of ingredients, cooking techniques, and seasonings.

Vegan Cuisine Possibilities

There’s no single best cuisine for vegans. But some parts of the world are far more vegan-friendly than others. If you’re already vegan or if you’re headed in that direction, it’s helpful to know which cuisines offer the most satisfying plant-based meals.

To help you on your way, check out our guides below. They’ll enable you to discover the best vegan options when dining out. You’ll also discover exciting ideas for regionally-inspired dishes you can cook at home.

Top Cuisines for Cooking Plant-Based Meals at Home

If you want to learn how to cook a particular cuisine, consider starting with Mexican food.  There are just so many delicious and healthy vegan options. What’s more, many Mexican dishes are remarkably easy to prepare.

When you’re ready to progress to other cuisines, you’ll have countless enticing possibilities. See the Cuisines from Around the World section of our cookbooks page for more than a dozen fantastic titles. If you want to explore a variety of cuisines from dozens of countries, get ahold of Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romano.

Finding Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Food

When dining out, Middle Eastern food is the most consistently vegan-friendly major cuisine. Nearly everything that isn’t meat is commonly vegan, especially falafel, hummus, tahini dressing, and lavash bread or pita. Many Middle Eastern restaurants also accompany your dish with an assortment of fresh vegetables, plus Kalamata olives and pickled turnips.

Our How to Go Vegan guide offers detailed guidance on the most vegan-friendly restaurant cuisines. Time spent exploring these menu offerings pays off in all sorts of ways, and enables you to eat better than ever before. Each new meal you try increases your exposure to delicious foods embraced by cultures around the world.

For further reading please see our introduction to vegan cooking and our guide to the best vegan foods.

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