Vegan Makeup: A Guide to Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Finding vegan makeup is easy—today. But things weren’t always so simple.

The word vegan was coined in 1944. Even back then, eating vegan posed few problems. You merely needed to learn how to prepare dishes made with vegetables, grains, and beans. Unfortunately, finding vegan makeup was another story. Prior to the 1980s, vegan makeup was practically unobtainable.

Things have since come a long way. But even today, most makeup brands contain animal ingredients. On top of that, many companies still rely on animal testing. Fortunately, that’s quickly changing. Sometime around 2010, mainstream cosmetics companies decided the vegan market had become too big to ignore.

We’ve now seen cosmetics giants like Revlon, Sally Hansen, and Cover Girl release products explicitly labeled vegan. Expect these companies to continue adding many more vegan products to their lineups. Together with the efforts of smaller cosmetics companies that follow a cruelty-free ethos, your vegan makeup choices today are already impressive, and they will continue to improve every year.

Where to Buy Cruelty-Free Makeup

To save time and avoid hassle, it makes sense to purchase your makeup and beauty supplies online. That’s because the vast majority of the brands sold at drugstores still aren’t vegan. In many stores, the vegan selection will be poor or nonexistent. You’ll be stuck looking at the back panels of a multitude of products hunting for that elusive vegan seal. For several categories of makeup, you’ll doubtless walk out of the store empty-handed.

By contrast, online retailers stock everything you need. Just follow our links and you won’t need to waste time reading labels. We publish pages devoted to every popular category of makeup. Our links enable you to order exactly the cruelty-free makeup items you need in just minutes.

What are the Best Vegan Makeup Brands?

The links below offer our recommendations for every major category of vegan makeup. Note that the following list does not include personal care products like shampoo, lip balm, or deodorant. For those sorts of items, please see our beauty and personal care page.

You probably already knew how easy it is to eat vegan. Now you know that finding vegan makeup products likewise takes minimal effort.

For further reading: please see our vegan beauty section, our animal ingredients list and our how to go vegan guide.
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