Links to the best vegan alternatives to eggs, cheese, milk, meat, and more.

Vegan Alternatives to Meat, Dairy, and Egg Products

Once upon a time, vegan alternatives to animal products were unappealing and hard to find. But today, hundreds of delicious products on the market offer outstanding alternatives to every non-vegan food imaginable. Some of the most popular all-vegan brands include Gardein, Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s Creamery, and Silk.

No matter what non-vegan food you want to replace, you’ll find excellent vegan counterparts. Everything from hot dogs to cream cheese to eggs. Most of these products are rich in protein and other nutrients. They can enable you to rid your diet of animal products without any feeling of sacrifice.

vegan alternatives
Many supermarkets and every natural food store will have an entire refrigerated section devoted to meat and dairy alternatives.

There has never been a better time to eat vegan. The competition among vegan foods is intense, and mediocre products can’t long survive. Keep in mind that every brand is different. So try as many products as possible in order to discover ones you absolutely love.

Is there a non-vegan food you couldn’t imagine giving up? You can discover sensational vegan alternatives via the links below.

Main Alternatives

vegan sandwiches
Grilled to perfection, this super-filling Monte Cristo sandwich from Mexico City’s Umami restaurant features vegan ham and vegan cheese.

Other Popular Vegan Alternatives

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