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Vegan Grocery: The Best Vegan Foods Sold by

Regardless of whether you have a vegan-friendly grocery nearby, you will undoubtedly find this page helpful. You’ll get great prices on excellent vegan foods you won’t find anywhere else. carries so many vegan groceries that it’s difficult to find their best deals—there are just too many items to review. This humble-looking page is the product of an obnoxious amount of curation. We read labels, check prices, and leave out plenty of products that are badly priced or just aren’t good enough. Please consider bookmarking this page for future reference; We think you’ll find it wonderfully useful in helping you cut through Amazon’s overwhelming selection.

Successfully transitioning to a vegan diet is all about having access to as many foods as possible. For that reason, the products listed here can make an important contribution.

Vegan Grocery Items


Have a hot, healthful meal ready in minutes with any of these foods.

Energy Bars has great prices on your favorite vegan energy bars.

Chips, Crackers, & Seaweed

For a ready-to-eat snack, nothing beats chips and crackers. Most of these products feature organic grains.


Some people would be horrified to buy cookies by the carton, others will think it’s awesome.

Superfoods (All Products Organically Grown) has fantastic prices on chia seeds. See our omega 3 page to learn why chia is such a valuable food.

Mayonnaise, Seasonings, Hot Sauce, & Condiments

A well-chosen condiment or hot sauce can take your meal to the next level. Here are some of the best.

Meaty Foods

Most vegan meats are sold in your grocery’s refrigerated section, but here are some excellent products you can keep in your pantry.

Nut Butters

For some reason, Amazon’s selection of nut butters is quite limited, but they do offer great deals on these excellent products.


Amy’s makes several vegan soups, and Dr. McDougall’s extensive line of soup cups is entirely vegan. If you’re making soup from scratch, the Orrigton Farms and Seitenbacher powders will give you a delicious broth in seconds.

Cheese, Nooch, & Eggs

If you’re ridding your diet of eggs and cheese, here are some essential products.


Not an impressive selection, but you can find plenty more vegan products on our candy page. Most are available directly from the manufacturer..

Chocolate (All Products Organic & Fair Trade)

Your local natural food store probably has a much better selection than what we have here. But what Amazon does carry is priced well. In hot climates, avoid ordering chocolate by mail during the summer.

Protein Powder

Our protein page will help you determine if protein powder makes sense for you. If your current diet is coming up short where protein is concerned, these products can help.

Grains & Cereals

When it comes to these products, nothing compares in price and selection to what’s offered in a good natural food store’s bulk section. However, the below products are excellent, organic, and affordably priced.

Coffee & Tea (All Brands Organic & Fair Trade)

Only whole bean coffee and loose leaf tea is listed here. Buying ground coffee is generally a mistake, especially by mail. And you’ll find a nice selection of tea in bags at any grocery store, so there’s no point in listing those products here.

Vegan Milks

I can only list one product in good conscience. Amazon carries many other vegan milks, but they are either full of sugar, in wasteful tiny containers, or way overpriced. If you can find refrigerated unsweetened organic soy milk locally in paper cartons, that’s what we recommend. Organic unsweetened soy milk is non-GMO and it has much more protein than almond milk.


For more products, and comprehensive supplement information, please check out our Vegan Vitamins & Supplements Buying Guide.

Vegan Beauty

Please visit our extensive beauty and makeup pages. They feature links to all the best cruelty-free vegan products.

Vegan Dog Food

You may have trouble finding vegan dog food locally, so it’s great news that carries several brands.
For further reading: please see our vegan grocery shopping list and our vegan food coverage.
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