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Regardless of whether you’ve got a vegan-friendly grocery near where you live, you will undoubtedly find this page helpful. You’ll find great prices on excellent vegan foods you won’t find anywhere else. offers a ton of amazing vegan grocery items, but the best deals on the best products are hard to find. This humble-looking page is the product of an obnoxious amount of curation. We read labels, checked prices, and left out plenty of products that are badly priced or just aren’t good enough. Please consider bookmarking this page for future reference; We think you’ll find it gigantically useful in terms of cutting through Amazon’s overwhelming selection.

Vegan Grocery Items


These shelf-stable vegan pantry items are perfect for keeping on hand in order to help you whip up a hot, healthful meal in minutes.

Energy Bars

Chips, Crackers, & Seaweed


Superfoods (All Products Organically Grown)

Seasonings, Hot Sauce, & Condiments

Meaty Foods


Cheese, Nooch, & Eggs


Chocolate (All Products Organic & Fair Trade)

Protein Powder

Coffee & Tea (All Brands Organic & Fair Trade)

Only whole bean coffee and loose leaf tea is listed here. Buying ground coffee is generally a mistake, especially by mail. And you’ll find no shortage of tea in bags if that’s what you’re seeking, so there’s no point in listing those products here.

Vegan Milks

I can only list one product in good conscience. Amazon carries many other vegan milks, but they are either full of sugar, in wasteful tiny containers, or way overpriced. If you can find refrigerated unsweetened organic soy milk locally in paper cartons, that’s what we recommend. Organic unsweetened soy milk is non-GMO and it has much more protein than almond milk.


For more products, and comprehensive supplement information, please check out our Vegan Vitamins & Supplements Buying Guide.

Vegan Dog Food


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