Three vegan apparel items: a belt, blue jeans, and cotton shirt.

Vegan Guide to Clothing & Apparel

It feels good to wear clothing that’s free of animal suffering, And happily, buying vegan apparel is  easier than ever. Your selection of vegan clothing is fantastically diverse. Vegan textiles have improved enormously in recent years. Plus, the growing demand for vegan apparel has spurred manufacturers to widen their selection to unprecedented levels.

In particular, vegan shoes, belts, and especially wallets were once hard to find. But vegan leather products have improved enormously over the past few years. Plus modern technology has created beautiful new materials that outclass anything derived from animals. Every new Tesla that rolls off the line today features all-vegan interiors, from the seats to the steering wheel. These materials make yesterday’s leather surfaces look dated and second-rate.

As time goes by, leather and other animal-based materials like wool, silk, and down will be left further behind. Our apparel pages will make it easier for you to choose terrific stuff that’s cruelty-free.

Apparel Items:

No matter what apparel items you are seeking, you can find a variety of vegan products. We’ll help you find your best options.


Here you’ll find information about what makes these non-vegan items objectionable, as well as what sorts of alternatives exist.

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What's Wrong with Leather?

Leather is neither cruelty-free nor environmentally-friendly.
Luckily, vegan alternatives abound. Discover your options here.



Much of the world’s leather goes to making belts. But you can easily find cruelty-free synthetic belts indistinguishable from leather.

You will have no trouble finding a wide assortment of excellent vegan wallets.


Your search for a vegan wallet ends here. Several companies make durable and stylish wallets from vegan materials.



While most neckties are made with silk, you can easily find beautiful ties made from non-animal fibers.

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You can dress warm without wool, while simultaneously avoiding the scratchiness and the animal cruelty.

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Keep your feet warm and dry during the winter with our guide to vegan boots..


Goose Down

Avoid the cruelty of goose down with vegan alternatives that are comparably warm, yet much cheaper and easier to clean

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