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Vegan food is everywhere. Despite the multitude of options, you can get up to speed on all there is to eat in just a few minutes. So let’s run through the very best possibilities.

What Foods are Vegan?

To start with the obvious: fruits and vegetables are always vegan. You can also choose from a vast assortment of vegan breads, pastas, and breakfast cereals. Beans are cheap, nutritious, and come in dozens of varieties.The same goes for rice-based dishes. Every sort of nut is vegan too—great news if you love almonds or pistachios! Soy-based milks and yogurts are convenient, satisfying, and rich in protein.

All these foods are just the beginning of your vegan choices. Now let’s dive deeper. Prepare to be impressed!

Vegan Grocery Items

You can choose from hundreds of delicious vegan packaged foods. Start by checking out brands like Miyoko’s, JUST, and Gardein. These and other companies make it easy to bypass non-vegetarian foods.

You can choose from an extraordinary assortment of vegan meat products. And the variety of dairy alternatives is equally impressive. If you enjoy foods like cheese, ice cream, and butter, you’ll find dozens of high quality vegan replacements. And things will only get better—not a month goes by without fantastic new products hitting the market.

Spend just twenty minutes wandering around a natural foods store and you’ll discover countless exciting things to try. Don’t miss the bulk section, which is loaded with low-cost vegan snacks and staples. If you lack a natural food store nearby, most supermarkets carry a decent selection of vegan items too.

For extensive coverage of all the best vegan packaged foods, see our vegan alternatives page and our online grocery.

Easy Vegan Snacks and Meals

When it comes to snacking, you have so many ready-to-eat choices. Our vegan snacks page features more than twenty ideas that require zero preparation.

Even if you’ve never cooked before, you can prepare delicious vegan meals in no time. In fact, you don’t even need recipes! Any of the following dishes takes just minutes to make, and can be prepared a hundred different ways:

As you gain confidence making simple meals like these, you may decide to progress to more sophisticated cooking.

vegan cooking

Vegan Cooking

Nothing will enhance your enjoyment of food like learning to cook. Our vegan cooking guide teaches all the basics. If you’re a fan of bread and baked desserts, you’ll also want to read through our vegan baking guide.

No matter what sort of cooking interests you, there’s a vegan cookbook that specializes in that particular niche. Publishers release dozens of top-tier vegan cookbooks every year.

Many of the world’s most popular cuisines are quite vegan friendly. Our world cuisines page provides in-depth coverage. Not only will reading this material inspire you in the kitchen, it’ll also make you more savvy when eating at restaurants. So now let’s review some of the best vegan dining options.

vegan dining

Vegan Dining

There are thousands of vegan restaurants worldwide, and thousands more vegetarian places. On top of that, many non-vegetarian restaurants offer excellent vegan meals. Every city offers fantastic vegan dining options. Our vegan restaurant guide will show you how to locate the best choices.

Additionally, the majority of fast food chains offer vegan items ranging from good to great. Taco Bell stands out as a haven for vegans. And Burger King offers its Impossible Whopper throughout the USA—just order it without mayo to make it vegan. Get acquainted with all the other vegan-friendly chains by reading our vegan fast food guide.

Vegan Drinks of Every Kind

Coffee and tea is vegan by default. If you enjoy lattes or adding cream to your coffee, several companies make excellent vegan creamers.

Fresh juices are refreshing and full of flavor. And smoothies made with unsweetened soy milk contain lots of healthy fiber and give you an extra hit of protein.

When it comes to nutrition, unsweetened calcium-fortified soy milk compares favorably to dairy milk. Vegan milks taste markedly different from one brand to the next, so try them all to see which you like best.

The vast majority of beers and a great many wines are vegan. Upwards of 90 percent of distilled spirits are vegan too. So if you enjoy alcohol, vegan choices abound.

Try More Vegan Foods at Every Opportunity

No matter what types of foods you enjoy most, you’ve got all kinds of related vegan choices. Simply trying just a few new foods a week will rapidly move your diet in a vegan direction. Wherever you go, there’s always another new vegan food to sample.

Most of the foods we’ve just reviewed are remarkably healthful. But it’s always wise to be conscious of nutrition, especially when making changes to your diet. Our vegan nutrition guide offers expert guidance.

As you can see, adding more vegan foods to your diet couldn’t be easier. We’ve only covered the basics here, and there’s so much more to learn. Our vegan eating guide thoroughly explores the topic. And for even more information, please see our links to every single page of’s food coverage.

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The World’s Greatest Vegan Food Compendium

Get acquainted with every conceivable sort of delicious vegan food. Keep scrolling for thorough coverage of all the best vegan cooking, dining, and grocery possibilities.

When somebody finds out I’m vegan, their first question is often, "What on earth do you eat?"

It’s Easy to Eat Vegan!

Vegans eat a remarkable variety of delicious, healthful, and convenient foods. Just a bit of reading on the topic will enable you to discover an incredible assortment of options. The very best place to start is our Guide to Eating Vegan. This piece offers a magnificent introduction to vegan cooking, grocery shopping, dining out, and essential vegan foods.

One unexpected benefit of exploring a plant-based diet is that can inspire you to discover the joy of cooking

Vegan Cooking Guide

It’s surprisingly easy to learn how to cook delicious vegan meals. Please check out our comprehensive introduction to vegan cooking.

Additionally, here are our guides to six essential dishes for vegans:

vegan shopping list

What Do Vegans Eat?

Some of the most popular foods on earth just happen to be vegan. Check out our vegan grocery shopping list, or read up on some of these popular vegan foods:

vegan snacks

Vegan Snacks

When you don’t have the time or appetite for a full meal, vegan snacks fill the void. You’ve got a dizzying assortment of possibilities. In this brief guide, we’ll run through all the very best choices.

Best Selling Vegan Foods :

Tasty Bite
Channa Masala

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Nutiva Organic
Black Chia Seeds

Lenny & Larry’s
The Complete...

easy vegan foods

Easy Vegan Foods

When you don’t have the time or energy to cook, or even go out to eat, you can choose from dozens and dozens of convenient and delicious vegan foods.







vegan cookbooks

Vegan Cookbooks

No matter which vegan cooking niche you want to explore, you’ll find it on our Cookbooks page.

You don’t want to make complicated time-consuming meals after a tough day of work. So your first vegan cookbook should be a title geared to foods you can make in 30 minutes or less. Any of these are perfect choices:

Plants-Only Kitchen

Vegan for Everybody

The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious

The Vegan Instant Pot

vegan alternatives

Vegan Alternatives

There are fantastic vegan options for just about every meat, dairy, or egg-based food you could think of. Check out all the best possibilities on our Vegan Alternatives page!







Vegan Restaurant Options

vegan restaurants

Don’t miss our restaurant guide for comprehensive advice on the breathtaking assortment of dining options for vegans. Alternately, check out our guide to vegan fast food.

vegan grocery

Vegan Grocery

Even if you’ve got fantastic natural food stores and farmers’ markets nearby, you’ll gain even more options if you check out our vegan grocery featuring the best deals on

Vegan-Friendly Cuisines

If you want to explore a vegan-friendly cuisine, it makes sense to start with these fantastic possibilities, all of which feature innumerable vegan dishes:





But that’s only the start of your options, so don’t miss our Guide to Vegan-Friendly Cuisines.

Our All-Encompassing Vegan Foods List

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, our vegan foods list links to every single page we publish about food, dining, and cooking.


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