Vegan Bath Bombs

Bath bombs take the luxury and relaxation of a bath to an entirely new level, rendering your bath water a swirl of beautiful colors and floral aromas. They are typically made from natural ingredients and sold without any packaging. Always check the ingredients label since some contain honey, but most bath bombs are vegan.

Most bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (which combine to create a fun fizz that makes the bath bomb twirl around your bath like it’s dancing). They also generally contain propylene glycol (which helps the skin absorb moisture), corn starch, coloring, and aromatic ingredients like essential oils, flowers, and herbs.

The best bath bombs are made by LUSH which has stores worldwide as well as an online shop. LUSH makes fresh handmade cosmetics and bath products, and all of their vegan products are labeled with a “V.” If you’ve never been to a LUSH store, find one and treat yourself to a bath bomb!


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