Vegan Hair Conditioner: Top Cruelty-Free Brands

You’ll have no problem finding an excellent cruelty-free brand of vegan hair conditioner. A number of companies make vegan conditioners that sell at every price point.

Shampoos and conditioners contain mostly the same ingredients. The one notable difference is that conditioners swap in oils in place of detergents, since the point of conditioners is to replace the natural oils that shampoos strip from the hair. These oils can be either plant or animal based. If they’re plant-based they typically come from coconuts or oil seeds. If they’re animal-based they are almost invariably rendered fats taken from slaughterhouses.

Animal fats are in no way superior to plant oils when it comes to conditioning hair, but they are much cheaper. That’s why non-premium conditioners are rarely vegan.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Hair Conditioner Products

Here are the bestselling vegan conditioners carried by

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