Vegan Lotion & Moisturizer: Top Cruelty-Free Brands

If you need a good cruelty-free vegan face lotion or moisturizer, you’ve got many excellent choices. That’s largely because the finest moisturizers contain only vegan ingredients. After all, why put slaughterhouse byproducts on your face when you’ve got excellent plant-derived alternatives?

It’s true that you may pay a little more for vegan moisturizers, but the price premium need not be substantial. As we will see, plenty of companies formulate moisturizers with neither animal testing nor animal ingredients.

Varieties of Lotion & Moisturizers

Facial moisturizers commonly include sunscreen, which can benefit your skin even more than the moisturizer itself. If you go outside a lot, consider purchasing a moisturizer carrying an SPF rating of 5 or higher. These products can make a tangible difference when it comes to protecting your skin from premature aging.

If you don’t want moisturizer that makes your skin appear shiny, choose one that’s labeled “mattifying.” Matte is a fancy word for anything that absorbs rather than reflects light, and mattifying is an exceedingly irritating variation of this word.

Finally, keep in mind that moisturizers often violate the maxim, “you get what you pay for.” Many brands are frightfully overpriced. And, what’s more, they typically contain the exact same ingredients as cheaper offerings. With that in mind, we have chosen to omit exorbitantly priced products from our recommendations.

Cruelty-Free Lotion & Moisturizer Brands

Facial Moisturizer Products

Facial Moisturizers with Sunscreen

Hand & Body Lotion

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