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Vegan Hair Color: Natural and Rainbow Shades

Not so long ago, finding vegan hair color posed a real challenge. But thanks to growing interest in vegan and cruelty products, several cosmetics companies have stepped up to offer excellent products. Even industry titan Revlon has gotten into the game, offering a brand of inexpensive permanent vegan hair coloring in a range of beautiful shades.

It’s true that the overwhelming majority of hair dyes still contain animal ingredients or were tested on animals. But you won’t have any trouble finding a vegan brand. We’ve got links below to all the best such products sold by

So no matter whether you want to go blonde, cover up some gray, or dye your hair a shocking pink, there’s a cruelty-free hair color that’s right for you.

Vegan Hair Color Products

Natural Colors

Rainbow Colors

If you’re looking for an outrageous hair color, check the Manic Panic store on It features dozens of vegan hair dyes in the craziest colors. All of Manic Panic’s cosmetics and hair colorants are vegan and cruelty-free.

Here are some other popular brands:

Want to get your hair professionally colored at a salon? Many places will go out of their way to accommodate. If your regular stylist doesn’t offer vegan coloring, call around and you’re certain to find one who does.

For further reading: please see our vegan beauty guide and our animal ingredients list.

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