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Vegan Nail Polish Remover: Top Cruelty-Free Brands

Even if your local drug store doesn’t carry it, several companies make vegan nail polish remover. Apart from being cruelty-free, most of these brands use better and gentler ingredients than you’ll find elsewhere.

If you really want to cut costs, most drug stores sells 100 percent acetone. That’s an undiluted solvent that’ll take your nail polish right off, but you may find it too harsh since it tends to dry out nails. Nothing’s cheaper, though.

Vegan Nail Polish Remover Brands

The cheapest brand of vegan nail polish remover is probably made by Mineral Fusion, since its bottles are 50 percent larger than the competition.

Here are some other brands:

If you’d rather have the convenience of individually packaged nail polish removal wipes, Ella+Mila and Karma Rose makes those too.

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