Vegan Tanning Products

If you’re seeking a golden tan without exposing your skin to the sun, you’ll likely turn to self-tanning products. Self-tanning works by rubbing or spraying chemicals on the skin to darken its color. In all probability, spray-tans are less dangerous than achieving a natural tan through the sun, particularly since it’s easy to overdo your exposure and end up with a sunburn. It’s important to keep in mind that every sunburn causes irreversible damage to the skin. Your skin never quite heals from a sunburn, and repeated burns lead to leathery-looking skin and a greatly increased risk of skin cancer years or decades in the future.

Unlike natural tanning in the sun, spray tans have the advantage of producing instant results (if only for a few days).

The bad news is that spray tans can look fake; giving the skin an unnatural orange hue. Worse, most self-tanning products are tested on animals. But fortunately there are a few vegan products:


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