Blaming Deforestation on Vegetarians

Here’s a silly but widely-read news piece blaming deforestation on—of all people—people who avoid meat. The piece was published today in a free newspaper handed out to thousands of Vancouver, BC commuters. It claims:

More and more people are choosing to consume less meat, a decision that has led to an increase in demand for soy, the main ingredient used in making tofu (a staple of the vegetarian diet). Soy covers some 11 million hectares of forest across South America.

You know who’s eating nearly all these soybeans? Farmed animals. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that 98 percent of America’s soy production is fed to farmed animals.

So, really, it’s meat eaters who are driving soy-related deforestation, and yet it’s the people avoiding meat who this article chooses to blame. (Thanks, Janet.) Link.

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