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Vegan Bumper Stickers

The world’s simplest activism tool: The Bumper Sticker.

Bumper stickers enable you to spread a vegan message to many new people every day while you’re going to work, driving around town, and just going about your business as usual. They are cheap. They take 2 minutes to place on your car. And they continue to help animals every day until you part ways with your car.

But don’t stop at the age-old rectangular bumper stickers. Get creative and innovative for a totally stylin’ ride. Here are some tips:

  • Bumper sticker magnets! You no longer need to worry about putting adhesive sticker glue on your shiny new car. That’s what magnets are for! You can buy blank magnet backs from craft stores or find bumper stickers that are sold as magnets.
  • Vinyl vegan decals. These work great on the side windows of cars so you can spread the message from every angle.
  • Hang a literature stand from your car window while you’re parked. Fill it to the brim with Vegetarian Starter Kits and a sign that says “FREE! Take One!”
  • Tape a leaflet to the parking meter before you drive away. It takes just 20 seconds, and someone is guaranteed to get the message. You simply need to be prepared with tape and leaflets in your car.


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