Cargill Says it has Found the Holy Grail of Vegan Cheese

Vegan news doesn’t get any huger than this. Cargill, a company hip-deep in factory farming, says its R&D team has made milk obsolete as a cheese ingredient. From its press release:

Cargill has launched a unique breakthrough innovation that enables the cost-effective production of a 100 percent non-dairy cheese analogue for pizza and other prepared food applications. Lygomme™ ACH Optimum functional system (patent pending) replicates the functionality of dairy protein and replaces it fully at an outstanding cost advantage [emphasis mine] for the manufacturer.

I suggest reading the above paragraph a few times until the full implications sink in. Assuming these claims hold true, here’s my analysis in five words: the dairy industry is fucked.

The big conglomerates behind factory farming have never had the slightest interest in abusing animals. The only reason farm animals are needed, especially where milk and eggs are concerned, is because food science hasn’t sufficiently advanced.

If Cargill delivers on creating a lower-cost milk-free method for creating top quality cheese, expect a giant chunk of the dairy industry to collapse literally overnight. (Thanks, Bea.) Link.

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