Crazy Sexy Diet Review

My pal Marisa Wolfson, who really should do stand-up comedy for a living, wrote the following review for
If Skinny Bitchhad sex with a motivational diet book written by a raw foodie cheerleading goddess who’s transcended illness through sparkles and science, Crazy Sexy Diet< would be their love child. Kris Carr takes a between-us-girls tone that made Skinny Bitch click with so many women and adds her own special twist based on her personal experience stabilizing a rare form of cancer naturally. But with this bestseller, Kris isn’t just trying to empower women who have the big “C” but also women who don’t want to get it.

Coming from a family of breast cancer survivors, I wanted to read it for preventative reasons and because I wanted to take my health to the next level. I’d read that it’s a “low-fat, vegetarian (or vegan) program that reduces inflammation and balances the pH of your gorgeous body with whole foods, low-glycemic fruits, raw veggies, alkalizing green drinks, and superpowered smoothies.”

That sounded like the kick in the pants that I needed. By the first chapter, I was hooked. By the end, I was excited to dive head-first into the 21-day Crazy Sexy Cleanse, which is comprised of a mostly raw vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-glycemic, whole foods diet with no caffeine and no alcohol. And lots of green juice. But that only covers what you put into your mouth. The Cleanse also includes daily affirmations, exercise, skin brushing, 1-day fasts, meditation, journaling, and more.

Within days of starting, my energy level shot through the roof. I had my best jogs in months, my skin looked great, and I had fun, new healthy routines and recipes, though it wasn’t without its challenges. Here were some of my experiences and observations:

  • Had fewer, not more, unhealthy food cravings (surprising!)
  • Spent more time and money on food (not surprising)
  • Enjoyed trying all kinds of new things–salad dressings, grains, and desserts (Chocomole, anyone?)
  • Popped out of bed after just six hours of sleep
  • Needed that extra morning time for juicing
  • Invented juice pulp burger recipe with mashed beans, tahini, cilantro, green onions, and olives
  • Broke a juicer, got another and realized that I don’t need the perfect juicer; I just need one that I’ll use
  • Lost weight without trying; had to increase fat intake and portion sizes to keep weight on
  • Had fascinating changes in toilet habits, contents, and color (TMI!)
  • Experienced the miracle that is the neti pot but still getting used to feeling of salt water in my schnoz
  • Found that a guided meditation like the one in the Mindfulness App can be very useful
  • Discovered that juice fasting for a day is a challenge; tech fasting for a day is nearly impossible…and perhaps more important
  • Confirmed the author’s claim that green juice is, indeed, beautiful and addictive

All in all, I’m glad I did it and have recommended it to many. Anything that gets you out of your comfort zone and trying healthy new habits is a good thing. And while I haven’t continued the habits 100% after the cleanse, I’ve realized that I don’t need unhealthy stuff and actually feel better without it.

So, kudos to Kris Carr for writing a compelling, informative, fun-to-read, and empowering book that will turn B+ vegan eaters to A+ vegan eaters and will inspire omnivores to try veganism. Kris wrote in her newsletter today that according to a survey of people who did the cleanse, “a whopping 90 percent…experienced a rocket-fueled boost of energy and better mood, and more than 70 percent…are sticking to a plant-based diet! Woot!”

Woot indeed, Kris Carr. Woot indeed.

Big thanks to Marisa for writing this. She’s got a sensational film called Vegucated that’s hitting film festivals soon. Here’s the trailer, the film’s website, its Facebook page, and its Twitter feed.

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