Ellen DeGeneres on Lady Gaga’s Meat Outfit

Ellen DeGeneres never ceases to impress me. In today’s segment  with Lady Gaga, she stays poised and positive despite Gaga’s ridiculous meat costume. Watch how Ellen skillfully and diplomatically turns the situation around, and how she refuses to lecture or to betray even a hint of anger.

In staying true to her best self, Ellen brings out the best from Lady Gaga and from her millions of viewers. Rather than try to push others to change, she simply creates space for her audience to take a step forward in how they see the world.

Behaving as graciously as this requires vastly more emotional maturity than it takes to be either a doormat or a ranting vegan, and it’s among the toughest life skills to master. It’s also what separates good advocates from great ones. (Via Miller.) Link.

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