Graham Hill on Becoming a Weekday Vegetarian

Not the greatest ‘go veggie’ talk you’ll ever witness, but still a nice four-minute video to show omnivores who, hearing veganism framed as an all-or-nothing choice, will use the concept as an excuse to do nothing. This talk is also a great reality check for vegans—as Graham Hill makes clear, some omnivores know the vegan argument backwards and forwards, but aren’t willing to become entirely vegan. Taking half-measures like those Hill advocates is a heckuva lot better than continuing to eat meat three times a day. Plus, you can’t argue against this observation:

If all of us ate half as much meat, it would be like half of us were vegetarians.

But it’s even better than that: if all omnivores ate half as much meat, the number of people inspired to go all the way to a vegan diet would no doubt be enormous. And there would hardly be a restaurant anywhere that wasn’t ridiculously vegan-friendly.

Hill’s water stats seem way off (see Appendix B of Meat Market for my analysis of that topic), and he doesn’t address the cruelty associated with milk and eggs. I’d like to see Hill advocate becoming a “weekday vegan” instead of “weekday vegetarian,” since this would be a more sensible and consistent position. But this is still a worthwhile talk that will move listeners who are unwilling to entertain a “go vegan” argument. Link.


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