Introducing Bryanna’s Vegan Butter

One of my very favorite cookbook authors, Bryanna Clark Grogan, and I have been working together this month to publish her latest recipe. It’s an unbelievably good vegan butter, made from scratch, with not a trace of orangutan-killing palm oil. Take a look!

Bryanna's Vegan Butter

Turns out the timing for this recipe’s release couldn’t be better. Just yesterday, Time magazine reported:

Hundreds of critically endangered orangutans in western Indonesia could be wiped out by the year’s end if palm oil companies keep setting land-clearing fires in their peat swamp forests, conservationists warned Thursday.

I know where I stand with this: I’m done with Earth Balance and other palm oil-containing vegan margarines. Let’s hope Bryanna’s recipe and the plight of orangutans inspires the natural food sector to reformulate their margarine brands to be palm oil-free. Until then, you can make your own vegan butter with the sensational recipe that Bryanna generously created for Link.

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