Jonathan Safran Foer on Vegetarianism in Ten Years

Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer will be appearing at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, and the Sydney Morning Herald has an article profiling Foer and publicizing his appearance. I love this quote from Foer:

“One of the things I want to do in my book is move away from this harmful dichotomy that has been set up: you either care or you don’t care at all. You’re vegetarian or you are a carnivore. Most people do care about these issues and the reality is that most people are not going to become vegetarian.”

Foer’s aim is to open a middle ground where people can make a difference. ”Do I think there is any chance in the world that half of Americans will be vegetarians in 10 years? I would say there is virtually no chance in the world of that. Do I think there is any chance that half of the meals eaten in America will be vegetarian in 10 years? I think there is a good chance of that.”

I think so too. We’re playing a long game, and the moment we realize that and adjust our strategies accordingly, winning is inevitable.

Worldwide veganism in a decade seems out of the question right now. But agribusiness won’t be laughing off that possibility once we transform to a culture where even omnivores regularly eat vegan.

Read the entire article. It starts slowly with stuff about Foer you probably already know, but the stuff immediately after what I’ve excerpted is pure gold. (Via Hawthorne.) Link.

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