Lessons from Blair River’s Death

I exercised uncharacteristic restraint last week in my write-up of Heart Attack Grill pitchman Blair River’s death. Too easy a target, and I’m not into saying snarky things about the recently deceased.

None of this deterred Bob Wieder from assembling a list of eight ironies surrounding River’s death. These things are all ironic in the Alanis Morissette sense, meaning there’s nothing here that’s ironic at all. But it’s a good list regardless, especially item #3:

Irony #3: The official cause of death was pneumonia, coming on the heels of a case of flu. Excuse me? Who dies of that at age 29? You’d have to so abuse your body that it was basically as frail and sickly as that of an 80-year-old. Or maybe nutritionally starve it.

It would be nice if the owner of the Heart Attack Grill took a hard look at what his business is doing to its customers. Yet, incredibly, as I write this, the front page of the restaurant’s website is still running a video featuring Blair River.

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