McDonald’s McRib Returns

Four years ago, McDonald’s made a promise for the benefit of all humanity. They vowed to retire their McRib sandwich, and never, ever bring it back. This seemed a selfless, yet long overdue gesture for the public good, given that the McRib is a bizarre processed pork product that has fake “ribs” running the length of the sandwich. McDonald’s even followed Cher’s lead and gave the McRib a final “Farewell Tour.”

But now, like Cher, the damned thing is back. Since pork prices have been in the toilet thanks to swine flu, McDonald’s doubtless recognized it can scoop up heavily discounted processed pork and make a fortune by bringing back the McRib.

Some people are thrilled by the news. One person even created the most unholy Google Maps mashup ever: a page that records which McDonald’s locations do or do not offer the sandwich.

So what better time than now to take a look at what the McRibs product really is? The FastFoodFacts website created a useful write-up about this product, highlighted by genuine photo goodness: photographs showing the actual meat, fake ribs and all—after the barbecue sauce has been washed off. I’m pretty sure there are cats who would turn up their noses and walk away in disgust if they were offered this.

This is bizarre stuff, and you can be sure McDonald’s is not pleased that these photos are circulating. Link.

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