McDonald’s to Offer Oatmeal

In another step away from its core menu offerings, McDonald’s will be adding oatmeal to its breakfast menu. It appears to come with a dairy-based “light cream” that can be left out on request. And, get this, the oatmeal ingredient contains a natural flavor, which McDonald’s specifies as being plant-sourced.

It’s misguided to think of McDonald’s as a burger, fries, McNuggets, and soda chain. Instead, think of it as a company with gigantic real estate holdings, that seeks to maximize sales for each location. Coffee, apple slices, and salads are now successful menu items. And the addition of oatmeal is another move away from animal products, as is, for that matter, the free wireless Internet the chain makes available.

As America’s tastes continue to change, McDonald’s faces the difficult task of reinventing itself in order to stay relevant. The introduction of oatmeal is another sign that one of factory farm’s key allies has zero loyalty and is continuing to hedge its bets. (Via Simon.) Link.

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