Mike Tyson, Vegan

The world’s newest celebrity vegan is…Mike Tyson, who has apparently stopped eating meat, dairy products, eggs, children, and ears.

It’s fair to say that no athlete has ever had a steeper rise or more calamitous fall than Iron Mike. While I can’t vouch for his emotional stability, the guy is bright and articulate and, in a disturbing way, consistently entertaining. I think that Tyson—like most of his followers—can’t get over the surprise that he’s still alive.

As with everything he takes up, this vegan thing could be a disaster. But I’ve always been rooting for Tyson outside the ring, hoping he’d gain the focus needed to get his life together and find redemption after a lifetime of ghastly mistakes. If embracing a compassionate diet puts him further down that road, I’m all for it. (Thanks, Bea.) Link.

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