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Native Foods Cafe

Native Foods Cafe is an all-vegan restaurant chain founded in 1994 by Chef Tanya Petrovna. The first Native Foods Cafe opened in Palm Springs and there are now 22 locations across California, Oregon, Chicago, Colorado and Washington. They make their own seitan, tempeh, vegan cheese sauces and drinks using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The Native Foods Cafe menu is inspired, flavorful and diverse, offering everything from Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburgers to Caribbean Jerk Kale Salads. The hearty meals pair perfectly with drinks like the Watermelon Fresca and Lavender Lemonade. Desserts are varied and inspired, ranging from the Cream Cheese Carrot Cupcakes to the Native Pumpkin Pie. They’ve also got a terrific kids’ menu complete with Chicken Nuggets and Mac & Cheese.

You can make some of their favorite menu items right in your kitchen, with The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook (2013), and the Native Foods Celebration Cookbook (2014).

Native Foods Cafe has won numerous awards, including the Restaurant of the Year (VegNews, 2011), Top 10 Spots to Veg Out (USA Today), and #1 Vegan Restaurant in Orange County (OC Register).

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