seitan crown Appetizer of the Year: Seitan Veggie Crowns

It’s about quality over quantity. With tens of thousands of vegan recipes available online, and hundreds of vegan cookbooks in print, I see no reason to add to the glut of vegan recipes.

So with that in mind, is publishing just four recipes for all of 2011: one each day for the rest of this week. Each recipe is very special, and created exclusively for this feature.

We start off with the perfect way to whet your appetite: American Vegan Kitchen< author Tami Noyes' never-before-published Seitan Veggie Crowns appetizer, which is the first installent in our First Annual Vegan Recipe of the Year feature. Over the next three days, we'll publish the very best all-new creations that three more of the top chefs in the vegan world have to offer. Check back! seitan veggie crown photo

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