Weekly Ad: Jodi Chemes, CPA

This week’s feed is sponsored by Jodi Chemes, CPA.

I’m probably one of the most committed Do-It-Yourselfers in the vegan community. I typeset, index, and publish my own books. I handle most of the webmaster tasks behind Vegan.com, relying on Josh Warchol’s server expertise when mad ninja skillz are needed. But my taxes? No way on earth I’m doing those. I know my limitations enough to know I would screw them up royally.

So it’s really great to be able to hand off this hassle to my friend Jodi, who has a graduate degree in tax accounting, and who can be depended on to make sure everything’s done right. I’ve worked with her for years and can’t begin to tell you how much anxiety she’s removed from my life.

Jodi’s specialty is working with small businesses to get QuickBooks up and running, and to put systems in place whereby your tax requirements are met with as little effort as possible. Not only is she great to work with, but she’s been vegan for years and is one of the most dedicated animal advocates I know.

Jodi is now accepting individual and business clients for the 2011 tax season, as well as offering her year-round services to businesses needing an accounting and tax expert. Link.

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