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Vegan Chicken: Delicious Plant-Based Brands

Vegan chicken is easy to find and delicious. Natural foods companies churn out a fantastic variety of sensational vegan chicken products. What’s more, terrific new vegan chicken products come to market every year.

Why Choose Plant-Based Chicken?

For a number of reasons, it makes enormous sense to seek out plant-based alternatives to chicken. The United States chicken industry kills more than eight billion birds every year. The vast majority of these chickens endure terrible conditions. From birth through slaughter, most birds never spend a moment outdoors.

vegan chicken
Breaded fried oyster mushrooms make a delicious vegan alternative to fried chicken.

Thanks to decades of selective breeding, today’s birds grow several times faster than birds from just fifty years ago. This rapid growth causes health problems and deformities, and many birds have trouble walking. Factory farms slaughter their flocks at only six weeks of age—well before they’ve finished growing. If allowed to live longer, “flip over syndrome” and other health problems would spike mortality rates to unprofitable levels.

Since they are such small animals, each bird yields a tiny amount of meat. You’d have to kill more than 200 chickens in order to produce the same amount of meat that you’d get from just one cow.

paprika vegan chicken
Hungarian-style paprika vegan chicken served by Shromaždište Vegan Restaurant in Prague.

What Are the Most Popular Vegan Chicken Brands?

Luckily, removing chicken from your diet is easier than ever. Several vegan chicken brands are convincing enough to fool even trained chefs. Check out these excellent brands:

vegan chicken burger
An absolutely massive vegan fried chicken burger with onion rings from El Vegano Urbano in Guadalajara.

If you’re excited by the above list, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. More and better vegan chicken products are on the way.

For further reading: please see our Meat-Free Guide, and Vegan Alternatives to Animal Products.
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