Vegan Coffee Creamer: A List of Top Brands

If you love coffee you’ll want to know about your vegan coffee creamer options. Every creamer we cover here is 100 percent dairy-free.

Adding regular soy or almond milk to coffee usually yields poor results because the coffee’s heat and acidity causes curdling. Any sort of unsweetened coconut milk out of a can will give you great results, but it’ll also give you a big dose of saturated fat. That’s fine for once in a while, but maybe not for every day.

Fortunately, a number of companies make healthy vegan coffee creamers. They’re specifically formulated to blend perfectly into a hot cup of coffee. These products are stocked your grocery’s dairy case, often in pint-sized containers.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Brands (USA)

Silk also makes a vegan Half-&-Half Alternative made from oat milk and coconut milk.

For further reading: Please see our dairy-free guide and our vegan milks page


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