The vegan cream cheese market is filled with exceptional offerings.

Vegan Cream Cheese: Top Brands & Serving Suggestions

You can find excellent vegan cream cheese in most supermarkets and every natural foods store. In terms of taste and texture, most vegan brands are indistinguishable from dairy-based cream cheeses. Your favorite grocery probably carries these products right where they keep the regular dairy-based brands.

A growing number of bagel shops likewise offer vegan cream cheese. If they don’t yet offer it, just buy your bagels to go, and add your favorite vegan brand at home.

Tofutti pioneered this product category decades ago, but the segment is now crowded with numerous excellent products.

Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

If you want to go dairy-free, your love for cream cheese won’t stand in the way. Just try a few of these excellent products and see which you like best:

Serving Suggestions

Cream cheese is the classic spread for bagels. It’s also magnificent when spread on whole grain bread or raisin bread. Add some sprouts for extra crunch and nutrition. Also try your favorite brand on crackers.

Finally, here’s an unconventional serving suggestion: you can make an delicious savory sandwich using vegan cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, and a teaspoon or two of Indian-style jarred pickle.

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