Earth Balance

Earth Balance products were introduced in 1998 by GFA Brands. All Earth Balance products are vegan, non-GMO, lactose-free, egg-free, casein-free, and free of trans fats. The first Earth Balance product was the Original Buttery Spread, which quickly became the most popular non-dairy butter alternative in the United States. Earth Balance has since expanded its offerings to include nut butters, mayonnaise and soymilks. They also produce indulgences like cheddar squares, cheesy puffspotato chips, and most recently boxed macaroni and cheese.

Without a doubt, Earth Balance employs some of the most talented food scientists in the business. Most of their products demonstrate an uncanny knack for replicating the flavor notes and creaminess that could once only be found in dairy products. Not only that, Earth Balance products are in widespread distribution, so it’s nearly impossible to find a grocery store that doesn’t carry at least a few of their offerings.

Earth Balance has been criticized for including palm oil in some of their products, but the company has done a great deal to ensure their palm oil is sourced from sustainable producers.


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