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Earth Balance Vegan Butter, Spreads, and Snacks

Earth Balance, owned by conglomerate ConAgra, is one of the food industry’s most widely-distributed vegan product lines. The brand is best known for its vegan butters, available in a number of varieties in both tub and stick form. Launched in 1998 by GFA Brands, Earth Balance quickly dominated the vegan butter market, and faced no meaningful competition for a number of years.

The brand’s product line has diversified over the years, and now also features nut butters, jarred dressings, and bagged snacks. You can find Earth Balance products in any supermarket or natural food store. All products carrying this brand name are vegan, non-GMO, and free of trans fats.

Earth Balance employs some of the most talented food scientists in the business. Its products consistently have an uncanny ability to replicate the flavors once found only in dairy products.

As with any other product that makes use of palm oil, there are concerns about sustainability and exploitation. But the brand sources all its palm oil from RSPO Mass Balance certification system producers.

Every variety of vegan butter offers different flavors and textures, so also give the products from Miyoko’s Creamery, Wayfare, and Forager a try.

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