vegan bodybuilding

Vegan Bodybuilding

Vegan bodybuilding has overcome immense biases, gaining respect and popularity. No branch of fitness is more filled with dubious health claims than bodybuilding. In fact, prior to the 1990s, many bodybuilders believed that they needed to subsist almost entirely on protein-rich meat, eggs, and dairy products. It has since emerged that a diet based primarily on animal products doesn’t confer any genuine advantages. A healthful plant-centered diet can provide the nutrition needed for elite bodybuilding results.

In fact, it turns out that an ideal diet for bodybuilding isn’t a whole lot different than a well-planned diet for everyone else. The main differences are that bodybuilders need some extra protein and, generally, a lot more calories. You can easily meet these needs while following a vegan diet. If you want to take in extra protein, several excellent brands exist. In particular, a company named Orgain makes an inexpensive organic product.

As knowledge of nutrition has grown, most bodybuilders today make a point of eating substantial amounts of fruits and vegetables. And a number of of men and women have proven that following a vegan diet imposes no impediment towards achieving classic bodybuilder’s physique.

By far the most popular and extensive website on vegan bodybuilding is Robert Cheeke’s Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. If you want recipes, check out The Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook, by Jimmy Houck.

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