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Vegan Disaster & Pandemic Prepping: Recommended Foods

This page offers a grocery list for vegans who want to intelligently go about prepping for any sort of food supply disruption.

Whatever the crisis, it’s worth at least thirty minutes of your time each day to stay current on developments so you can act as prudently as possible. Remember, you only get one chance at this. It’s much better to do a little too much too soon, than to take meaningful precautions too late. Stay safe!

Vegan Prepping Guide

For anyone preparing for food supply disruptions, it’s good to know that vegan prepping is remarkably easy. The most convenient, inexpensive, and imperishable pantry items are nearly all vegan.

Grocery prepping pays off two ways. First, it ensures you’ll have enough to eat if panic-buying leaves your local supermarket’s shelves bare. Second, it keeps you from making repeated visits to supermarkets, and thereby dramatically cuts your risk catching the virus. Obviously, making your food purchases online is far preferable to visiting a grocery store, since it’ll enable you to avoid visiting a crowded public space.

When COVID-19 pandemic arrived, I decided to buy a couple month’s worth of food for myself so I could stay out of grocery stores. My goal was to purchase as many calories and as much protein as cheaply as possible, using foods that don’t require refrigeration.

Chris Martenson promotes the idea of keeping a “deep pantry.” Instead of buying revolting buckets of pre-made processed food marketed to apocalyptic preppers, you can buy cheap grains, beans, and nuts—all foods that should be key parts of your diet anyway. If the four horsemen of the apocalypse don’t come trotting in, you can then eat up this food anyway over a period of months so that none of it goes to waste.

If you’ve decided to stock up on food, you’ll find the below list helpful. It’ll ensure you don’t forget anything important and obvious.

Essential Foods for Vegan Prepping

Here are the items I purchased to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic, which together easily covered my calorie and protein needs for a couple of months:


Most of these products are available in bulk-sized containers from That may enable you to acquire what you need without having to risk contagion by visiting a supermarket. Please see our vegan grocery for more items suitable for vegan prepping.

I’ve had people respond to this list by saying they don’t know how to prepare many of the above items. The cookbook to get is The Homemade Vegan Pantry, by Miyoko Schinner. Here’s our list of other top vegan cookbooks.

Finally, in the event that your water supply gets interrupted, make sure your drinking water needs are covered for at least a few weeks. Please stay safe!

For further reading: Please see our vegan food compendium and our vegan cooking guide.

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