One day, I want to hide myself in a cave for a few months with about ten pounds of coffee, so that I can be the first person to write a nonfiction book that thanks no one.  But I find that in the absence of such drastic measures, people inevitably appear in your life who deserve thanks.

My parents, Sonja and David Marcus, always top such a list.  They aren’t just my parents; they have also served as the foster parents of 300 kittens and counting. Not too many adults have legitimate reason to regard their parents as heroes.

Everyone who visits, or who attends my speaking events, helps me to keep on keeping on.  I’m constantly thankful for the friendship and generosity of Paul Kahlon and Sonu Lamba.  Tom and Kim Scholz have given my writing and activism every possible sort of support and encouragement.

John Beske created a wonderful cover that I think perfectly captures the spirit of this book.  It was an amazing experience to be able to hire a vegan for this critical project and to watch him nail it.

Joshua Warchol deserves special thanks for providing years of on-call volunteer efforts to keep’s server running smoothly.

There are a number of dedicated activists whose work on behalf of animals continually inspires me: Jodi Chemes, Michelle Cehn, Laura Dilley, Joe Espinosa, Evelyn Kimber, Michelle Sass, Stewart Solomon, Dill Ward, and Rachel Wechsler.

Kristen Twombly and her dad Scott closely read a final draft of this book, sending me back to my desk to write a few thousand much-needed words.

I am privileged to frequently communicate with Paul Shapiro, Jack Norris, Matt Ball, Erica Meier, Mahi Klosterhalfen, Josh Balk, Gil Schwartz, and Nathan Runkle—these amazing people have a real shot at ending factory farming in our lifetimes.  Thanks go to David Wolfson for consulting with me on the Common Farming Exemption passage of this book, and for being the first to document this powerful and incredibly sleazy tool of agribusiness.

My old friend Steve Middleton at the Alt. marketing agency offered some helpful thoughts about choosing a book title, and dissuaded me from titling this book: Principles of Intermediate Accounting, Vol. II.

Life can end abruptly and without warning, so I’m grateful that I’ve been granted the time to write this little book.

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