The Ultimate Vegan Guide, The Complete First Edition

By Erik Marcus

I’ve made the first edition of my Ultimate Vegan Guide available for free reading right from this page, since I would hate to think that anyone interested in eating fewer animal products might be hindered by the cost of learning how to do it. Better yet, you can pick up the updated Kindle edition for just 99¢. And the updated print edition costs just $8.95.

If you like my books, you’ll certainly want to check out the staggeringly comprehensive set of information I’ve published at Enjoy!

The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Contents


Part I: Why?

1—Health and the Environment
2—The Ethics of Animal Agribusiness

Part II How?

3—Crowding, Not Cutting
5—Vegan Nutrition
6—Eat More Produce
7—Should vs. Must
8—The Mental Game
9—Celebrating Your Progress
10—The Counterculture
11—Supermarket Survival
12—Natural Food Stores
13—Farmers’ Markets
14—Online Groceries
15—Non-Vegetarian Restaurants
16—Veggie Restaurants
17—International Travel
18—Convenience Foods
19—Meat, Dairy, & Egg Replacements
20—Outfitting Your Kitchen
21—Core Foods: Smoothies & Sandwiches
22—More Core Foods: Salads, Stir-Fries, & Grilled Veggies
24—Animal Ingredients
25—Friends & Family
26—Staying Motivated

III Activism

27—Basic Activism & Outreach


A: Advanced Activism
B: Books, Websites, & Nonprofits
C: Vegan-Friendly Beers
D: Cashew Cheese


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