The Ultimate Vegan Guide-Appendix B

Appendix B

Books, Websites, & Nonprofits


  • Eating Animals. Jonathan Safran Foer. (The best book to examine factory farming issues.)
  • Meat Market. Erik Marcus. (Features many factory farming details not covered by Foer, plus advocacy strategies.)
  • The Animal Activist’s Handbook. Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich. (Excellent intro to animal advocacy.)
  • Striking at the Roots. Mark Hawthorne. (Another great and helpful book for both new and established animal advocates.)
  • Empty Cages. Tom Regan. (Thorough and excellent coverage shedding insight onto animal abuse and how to overcome it.)
  • Here Comes Everybody. Clay Shirky. (The premier book for online activism.)
  • Animal Liberation. Peter Singer. (The animal protection movement’s watershed book.)



Food & Recipes:

  • (Regularly updated with wonderful low-fat vegan recipes and photos.)
  • (Prolific vegan cookbook author Robin Robertson’s website.)
  • (The ultimate Los Angeles foodie blog, and source of top-quality food porn photos.)


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