The Ultimate Vegan Guide-Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Staying Motivated

We’ve now covered everything you need to know in order to transition to a vegan diet. Once you’ve learned the basics, going vegan is mainly about being properly motivated. Let’s quickly review the main things you can do to stay motivated:

  • Read vegan-oriented books. You’ll learn things that will make your transition easier, and make you more excited to be vegan.
  • Try new vegan foods every day. Every new food you discover pushes you closer to becoming a lifelong vegan.
  • Spend time learning to prepare vegan foods, especially the core foods covered in Chapters 21 and 22.
  • Search YouTube for vegan videos.
  • Regularly dine out at veggie-friendly restaurants.
  • Attend local vegan events, and get active with your local vegetarian and animal protection groups.
  • Subscribe to Vegan Outreach’s weekly eNewsletter and my own blog.
  • Eat right and take the supplements you need to guarantee optimal health.

I’ve discovered that the more vegans learn about farmed animal issues, the more devoted they become to compassionate eating. Although they’re hard to watch, factory farming videos like those available at will undoubtedly increase your commitment to be vegan. And there’s nothing like connecting with the animals at a farmed animal sanctuary to further embrace a vegan lifestyle. People go vegan for any number of reasons, but they often stay vegan for the animals.

Lastly, remember: always celebrate your victories. You’ve just finished reading all my advice on how to go vegan. Take a few minutes to reflect on how much you’ve learned, and how much further you’ve progressed down the vegan path. I hope you’ve had a good time learning this material, and that it has set you up for a lifetime of healthy and satisfying vegan living.

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