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Vegan Easter Foods, Treats, and Celebrations

Easter poses some pesky but easily overcome challenges for vegans.

Traditional Easter celebrations involve animals and animal products everywhere you look. You’ve got Easter bunnies, Easter chicks, Easter eggs and Easter ham. All these things entail a lot of needless suffering, so let’s look at how to veganize your family’s Easter celebration.

Vegan Easter Brunches and Dinner

Since a massive brunch is the quintessential way to ring in Easter, check our brunch page for the most delicious dishes. There’s also an excellent cookbook devoted entirely to the topic: Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Brunch.

Alternately, if you want to cook a special vegan Easter dinner, pick up copy of Joy Pierson’s Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe.

Easter Egg Hunts

If you’re going to hold an Easter Egg hunt, you have a couple options to bypass chicken eggs. Here are some wooden eggs that children can paint prior to their hunt. Or you can buy some of the vegan chocolate eggs featured below.

Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies

These are specialty seasonal items available for only a few weeks a year. Since the offerings change every year, you’ll doubtless encounter some brand new products if you search Google for vegan Easter eggs and vegan Easter bunnies.

Sjaak’s is a producer of high quality vegan fair-trade chocolate. As Easter approaches, they add all sorts of chocolate egg and bunny items to their website.

Most chocolate Easter bunnies contain dairy products. But with a little looking you can find a vegan alternative. As Easter approaches, Lake Champlain Chocolates features dark chocolate Easter bunnies on its website.

Cadbury still doesn’t make vegan chocolate eggs, but a Google search will turn up all sorts of vegan copycat recipes. Melanie McDonald’s vegan creme eggs are a good place to start. Note that as kitchen projects go, this one is definitely on the tricky side.

Easter Bunnies and Chicks

Easter celebrations unfortunately create a great deal of needless animal suffering. Many parents purchase bunnies or chicks for their children without properly planning to care for these animals. Predictably, a few weeks after Easter, animal rescue centers get flooded with abandoned rabbits.

You can celebrate Easter as an occasion to protect animals. Consider providing an unwanted adult rabbit  with a lifetime home.

For further reading please see our vegan holiday guide and our vegan foods coverage.
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