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Easy Vegan Brunch Ideas You’ll Adore

If you want to sit down to a special vegan brunch, you’ve got all sorts of delicious possibilities.

Brunch is a delicious fusion of breakfast and lunch, usually served as a massive meal on a lazy weekend morning. Given its traditionally heavy reliance on eggs and meat, brunch might appear off-limits to vegans. But in reality, it’s a remarkably vegan-friendly meal that lends itself to a multitude of enticing plant-based options.

Popular Vegan Brunch Items

Man oh man, look at all these delicious possibilities!

All of the above items are easy to prepare. So if you’re new to cooking, brunch is a great place to start. The most popular recipes are nearly impossible to screw up, yet they’re satisfying and full of flavor.

Vegan Egg and Meat Dishes

The preceding list makes clear that vegans have always had abundant brunch options. Yesterday’s vegans simply had to make do without omelets or traditional breakfast meats, since good options didn’t exist. But these limitations are no longer in place.

Thanks to JUST Egg, you can now make an omelet so eggy your non-vegan friends wouldn’t know the difference. You can use this product in any egg-based omelet recipe, making no modifications whatever, and get perfect results.

When it comes to breakfast-style meats, bacon and sausage are by far the most popular choices. There are now numerous vegan bacon and sausage products. If you’re new to vegan meats, start with vegan sausage, which is much more convincing than vegan bacon. The vegan bacon products currently on the market, while delicious, won’t fool anyone.

Vegan Brunch Cookbooks

If you want to create a knock-’em-dead vegan brunch, here are some cookbooks that deliver the goods:

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