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Welcome to our comprehensive audio guide helping you through Oprah’s 21-day vegan cleanse. Our links to all 21 episodes are below. Also note that Erik Marcus heavily edited and expanded the transcripts from this series, to produce a book titled, The Ultimate Vegan Guide<. The book provides all the information you need to make the switch enjoyably and without sacrifice. Also, while you're here, we've got five other items of interest:

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So please bookmark this page for later reference. And now, without further ado, here are links to all 21 episodes of our Vegan in 21 Days audio series.

VegTalk Vegan Challenge Podcasts:

Day #1: Introduction to Going Vegan.
Day #2: Essential Cookbooks.
Day #3: Avoiding Nutrient Deficiency.
Day #4: Eat Your Veggies!
Day #5: Taking Nutrition Seriously.
Day #6: Learning from the Counterculture.
Day #7: Taking Stock of Your First Week.
Day #8: Supermarket Survival.
Day #9: Natural Foods Nirvana.
Day #10: Farmers Markets.
Day #11: Non-Veggie Restaurants.
Day #12: Veggie Restaurants.
Day #13: Convenience Foods.
Day #14: Kitchen Setup.
Day #15: Smoothies and Sandwiches.
Day #16: Salads, Stir-Fries, and Grilled Veggies.
Day #17: Liquids.
Day #18: Animal Ingredients.
Day #19: Friends and Family.
Day #20: Staying Motivated.
Day #21: Paying it Forward.

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