Tofutti is a popular brand of dairy-free products that was originally created for Jews who follow a kosher diet. But vegans and lactose intolerant people quickly embraced the company’s offerings, which were way ahead of their time in terms replicating the texture and flavor of dairy products.

Tofutti Brands’ first product, launched in 1983, was the first mass-market ice cream that was entirely dairy-free. The company has since broadened its offerings to include vegan cream cheese, sour cream, ricotta cheese, pizza, ravioli, and frozen desserts. Tofutti Cuties dairy-free ice cream sandwiches are wildly popular in vegan circles—they’re exactly like the ice cream sandwiches you used to eat as a kid.

Nearly all Tofutti products are vegan, with the exception of Mintz’s Blintzes, which contain egg whites.

Tofutti products can be found in some grocery stores and most natural foods stores.

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