When it comes to pie, you've got unbeatable vegan possibilities.

Vegan Pie: Recommended Cookbooks

When it comes to desserts, vegan pie is tough to beat. Luckily for vegans (and cows and hens), a few simple substitutions can veganize most pie recipes. When a vegan recipe calls for butter, you can swap in vegan butter. And a variety of vegan egg substitutes exist for recipes that call for eggs.

Vegan Baking:

If you’re interested in baking, pie is a fantastic place to start. Any sort of fruit pie is easy to make, even for first-time bakers.

If you’d like to delve further into vegan baking and dessert preparation, check out our vegan baking guide.

Any good vegan dessert cookbook will feature numerous pie recipes. You’ll also find no shortage of such recipes featured on YouTube. Here are a few videos covering the post popular varieties of pie.

Also, here’s a YouTube video showing how to make a vegan crust for your favorite sweet or savory fillings.

Recommended Vegan Pie Cookbooks

Here are three cookbooks with all sorts of delicious recipes.

Store-Bought Pies

When purchasing pie, always check the ingredients for animal ingredients. Specifically, look out for butter in the crust. Sometimes egg whites are brushed onto the crust to make it shiny.

Store-bought vegan pie is relatively common. Pies sold in a natural food store are much more likely to be vegan than those sold at a supermarket. And many bakeries bake delicious vegan pies.

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