Vegan Desserts: Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and More

Going vegan does not mean cutting cookies, cakes, donuts, brownies and pies out of your life! There are remarkably good versions of all of these foods that contain not a single speck of animal products. You can find fantastic vegan desserts locally at natural food stores, coffee houses, and restaurants. And you can also order them online.

Also, don’t forget that vegan ice cream is widely available. You can find numerous brands in any natural foods store or supermarket, and it’s also easy to make your own.

There are many phenomenal vegan dessert cookbooks, which we’ll list below. You can also veganize most existing recipes by making a few simple substitutions. In particular, check out our guide to Egg Replacer and our list of vegan alternatives, which include vegan milk and whipped cream products.

Vegan Dessert Cookbooks

Packaged Vegan Treats on

Vegan Baking Supplies

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